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    我2015年开始学习制作爱尔兰竖琴和 鲁特琴
    最近我 工作主要集中在制作鲁特琴和 早期吉他上。

    Hello, my name is Chen, Xiaoxin, and I am a luthier from Guangxi Province, China
    Information about me
    I started to learn how to make Irish harps and lutes in 2015

    Recently,I have been working to make lutes and early guitar.
    How I make instruments
    I use tools and machines to make instruments,the whole process will be done by myself.So each instrument is unique.




  • models:

    以下列出的是现有的模型,点击缩略图可以看到图片,它们大部分是基于博物馆历史乐器。如果没有 你需要模型,你可以通过邮件联系我,我可以为研究开发新的模型 Models:Available models are listed below,click on thumbnails to see images.Most of them are based on museum historical instruments.If there are not models what you want.You could contact me by email,I can research and develop a new model for you

    New model development......



    Woods:I usually have maple cherry, rosewood ebony, boxwood, jujube pear. Some of the woods come from China or other countries. The spruce is usually from Europe or North America. Soundboard generally adopts AAAlevel by default. If you need to use Master level ,please let me know. The price of master level will increase.

  • sound 声音

    Dr. Ruey Yen

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    价格以美元为单位,在 开始制作 之前,我将确认最终价格。

    付款的方式:payment method:你可以选择 :Western Union -Alipay- MoneyGram-

    中国的顾客请使用支付宝 ,或者银行卡转账(Chinese customers)


    运输方式:我会为你寻找一个 便宜 安全 的 运输。
    感谢你 访问我 的 网站,期待你的回复。
    如果 你想了解更多信息 请给我发邮件。

    The price is in USD and I will confirm the final price before starting production.
    A deposit of 10%-20% is required for firm orders and the balance should be paid prior to delivery. (excluding tariffs)
    You can choose from: Western Union -Alipay- MoneyGram-
    Chinese customers can use Alipay or bank transfer
    The quotation does not include the transfer fee.
    Mode of transportation: I will find a cheap and safe transportation for you.
    Thank you for visiting my website and I look forward to your reply.
    Please email me if you want more information.


  • contact details 联系方式

    My email :xiaoxinluthier@163.com

    My facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100025795223019

    My YouTube: https://youtube.com/user/xiaoxinForest

    My instagram ID: China luthier chen